Young people in Bidibidi Got Talent!

A talent show isn’t something you’d expect to see in a refugee camp. Or is it?

“Many people misunderstand the realities of refugees,” says Aggrey, from World Vision Uganda, who helped run the Bidibidi Got Talent event.

“We often associate their stories with hunger, suffering, violence. But there’s much more to it. There's another part of the story. A beautiful human part of the story.”

With your help, Bidibidi Got Talent gave 120 young South Sudanese refugees the chance to shine through acting, singing, dancing and art in a showcase of creativity, resilience and strength.

“It’s been a great success to see how refugees can overcome the stress, the trauma, and be able to come up with such creativity.

“There is hope. There is resilience. There is creativity. There is talent at the refugee settlement,” Aggrey says.

Uganda is hosting more than a million South Sudanese refugees who were forced to flee across the border in search of safety. In Bidibidi, many young people arrived alone, without their families to protect or care for them.

As well as providing a much-needed creative outlet, Bidibidi Got Talent is helping to build peace and community between tribes living in the settlement.

Young people from various tribes are coming together for the very first time. Music and art are helping them to heal. Helping them to hope. Helping them to experience the joy that comes with being free to have fun again.

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