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Tigray Crisis Appeal

Hunger is threatening the lives of children in northern Ethiopia. They are caught in the middle of a deadly conflict and food is running out. 

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Children in northern Ethiopia are in danger and they urgently need you.

Right now, World Vision is on the ground in Ethiopia. With your support, we can reach children and families who have fled the fighting in Tigray and provide them with urgently needed life-saving essentials such as food, water, and shelter. You’ll also be making sure women and children, who are the most vulnerable during conflicts, receive the care and protection they need to recover from the horrors that come with war and violence. Every minute counts for children in Tigray.

Deadly conflict and an outbreak of locusts have left children battling hunger.

<br>Deadly conflict and an outbreak of locusts have left children battling hunger.

In the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia, hunger is threatening the lives of vulnerable children and families. An outbreak of locusts has already destroyed the crops they rely on and now, a deadly conflict is raging.

Heavy shelling has forced families to search for safety and many are now living in camps. Children are hungry, exhausted and scared. Food is running out and your support is vital.

Your donation today can help us reach children with food, water, healthcare, and shelter. Please help deliver the lifesaving aid they need to survive – before it’s too late.


"Many, many thousands of children here need the support and prayer of the Kiwi public."

- Stephen Court, Senior Director of Impact & Partnerships, World Vision Ethiopia

You can help make a difference for families like Tadesse's.

<br>You can help make a difference for families like Tadesse's.

Tadesse, a father of ten, is well known in his village in Tigray, for being a hard worker. But for years now, recurrent droughts in the region have devastated Tadesse and countless other farmers crops, leaving their families hungry.

"This year's drought is severe than any other year before. It has happened for the last four years. There is no food, water for us and fodder for our animals," shares Tadesse. 

It's not hard to imagine how hard years of drought have been on Taddasse's ten children. How it has impacted their health. How difficult it has been just to keep going with no energy reserves. And now, the unthinkable has happened. Things have gotten even worse. 

Amidst the conflict that has broken out, the emergency food supplies that families like Taddasse's rely on has run out. They are hungry and afraid. 

Please donate today to help us reach children and families with lifesaving aid.

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