Türkiye-Syria earthquake

URGENT: Please help send life-saving essentials to survivors who've lost everything.

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You can rush life-saving essentials to survivors now.

As people slept in their beds on 6 February, a catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Türkiye and Syria. The death toll is still rising. Thousands of people – mums, dads and children – are still trapped in the rubble. Tens of thousands have been injured. Traumatised children have been left homeless, without food, water and other essentials, in the middle of a harsh winter.

Our teams are responding to the urgent needs of survivors. But they can’t do it without you. Please give now to help provide for the most immediate needs of children and families reeling in the wake of this devastating earthquake.

“The scale of this disaster truly is enormous"

“The scale of this disaster truly is enormous"

"Tens of millions of people have been affected... the landscape is littered with thousands of collapsed buildings," says Clynton Beukes, World Vision Syria Response Programme Director.

“We’re not only dealing with death and destruction. Now we need to keep millions of people sheltered, warm and safe. Families and children are not just exposed to the biting cold, but potential disease outbreaks while dealing with the very, very real trauma that comes after these horrific incidents.”

Right now, you can help provide life-saving essentials like shelter, warmth, water, child protection, medical care, and support for long-term recovery to families who’ve lost everything.

Donate now to help children and families survive and recover from this disaster.

Your urgent donation will provide life-saving essentials like shelter, heating, water, child protection and medical care, and help families rebuild their lives.

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Our teams are responding in Türkiye and Syria to meet children's most urgent needs.

Since the first earthquake struck in the early morning on 6 February, local World Vision response teams have been assessing and responding to the urgent needs of affected children in Türkiye and Syria. We've already started distributing emergency supplies to shelters, including tents, mattresses, tarpaulins, heaters, fuel and ready-to-eat food.

Our immediate focus areas are Gaziantep and Sanliurfa in Türkiye and Azaz, Afrin and Idlib in Syria. Temperatures are below zero and families are facing a harsh winter without shelter or heating. Our local partners have identified a critical need for fuel to restore heating and electricity to medical facilities and emergency shelters, so we're focusing there first.

“The problem is its very cold so we can't stay outside. But we can't stay inside. We're afraid of the ceiling falling. It feels like Doomsday.”

- World Vision team member in northern Syria.

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