Ukraine Crisis

Right now, children like 4-year-old Taisia are terrified. Please act fast to help care for and protect the most vulnerable.

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You can help children affected by the Ukraine crisis.

You can provide urgent supplies to refugees fleeing for their lives. Children and their families are facing days and nights of terror and uncertainty. Bombarded by artillery fire, missiles and fighting on many fronts. The situation is intensifying by the hour.

Please help refugee families now. Dads are saying goodbye, not knowing if they’ll ever see their kids again. Mums are grabbing their babies and leaving only with what they can carry. It’s the beginning of a long and gruelling journey. They don’t know where they’re going or where they’ll end up. There’s no time to waste. Right now, you can make a difference.

Devastating effects that will last a lifetime

Devastating effects that will last a lifetime

“Life can change in an instant. And for hundreds of civilians killed and hundreds of thousands fleeing from their homes in Ukraine, this instant is now. And the devastating effects will last a lifetime,”

– Eleanor Monbiot, World Vision’s Regional Leader for the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

“We are growing increasingly concerned about the real possibility of children being separated from their parents and families during displacement. Children forced to flee their homes, and especially those then without the protection of a caregiver, are incredibly vulnerable to exploitation and violence."

– Eleanor Monbiot OBE, World Vision’s Regional Leader for Middle East and Eastern Europe

Donate now to help children and families affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

You can help provide vital essentials like hygiene kits to children forced to flee their homes due to conflict.

You can help refugee children now

You can help refugee children now

World Vision is on the ground right now at the Ukrainian boarder in Romania distributing emergency aid packages, including hygiene and child-friendly kits, to children and their families forced from their homes.

We also aim to support children to continue their education and provide them with psychosocial support to help them deal with the trauma they’ve experienced.

“I saw hundreds of mothers who have been forced to flee their homes alone with their children. They are without their husbands. The men are staying behind in Ukraine to fight. I saw confused children. I could see the despair in their eyes.”

– World Vision Responder Alberto Roca on the Ukraine-Romanian border.

“We stand ready to support those affected, as the violence takes its toll on children’s physical and mental health, facing the loss of loved ones and destruction of their homes."

- President of World Vision International, Andrew Morely.