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to children suffering extreme hunger.
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Nyaduer (pictured far left), age 13, South Sudan

Will you help replace hunger with hope?

Right now, hunger is robbing children of their right to live full and happy lives. In the world’s toughest places, natural disasters, war and conflict are smashing food supplies, and families who rely on food aid are experiencing ration cuts due to a lack of funding, and soaring food and fuel prices. In countries like Somalia, South Sudan and Ethiopia, famine is looming. Many little ones simply won’t make it unless they receive urgent life-saving food aid. But you can help. Donate now.

“Sometimes we do not eat for two or three days.”

"My youngest sister cries when she is hungry. I feel very bad about that,” says 13-year-old Nyaduer who’s struggling to fight hunger on her own.

Nyaduer lives alone with her siblings in a displacement camp in South Sudan. With limited access to food, she’s fighting to keep her sisters and brothers alive.

Children like Nyaduer need the kindness of people like you. Your kindness means they won't have to live with the constant ache of hunger. Malnourished children will receive life-saving food. Whatever you can give will help save lives.

Please choose to give today. Every dollar you donate now will be multiplied to provide $20 worth of urgent, life-saving food aid.

Please make an urgent donation now. Children's lives are on the line.

Every $1 you give will provide $20 worth of urgent food aid, thanks to our partnership with the World Food Programme.



provides $1,000 worth of urgent food aid for families who desperately need it.



provides $2,000 worth of urgent food aid for families who desperately need it.



provides $3,000 worth of urgent food aid for families who desperately need it.

No child should die of starvation.

<br>No child should die of starvation.

Hunger is a thief. It robs children of the chance to grow up healthy. It steals their energy and gives disease the upper hand. It's threatening their lives and futures. Now the crisis in Ukraine is pushing kids in parts of Africa even closer to starvation. But it doesn't have to be this way. You can provide life-saving food aid to children weak with hunger.

With the looming threat of famine, tens of thousands of children could starve to death because of food shortages. Your urgent, life-saving action is needed now. You can provide urgent food aid to malnourished children and help them recover their health now. 

Please provide life-saving food aid to children facing starvation today. You can help stop hunger, malnutrition and the onset of starvation. You can save lives today. Please make an urgent donation now.

When hunger threatens a child, there's no time to waste.

Every $1 you give will provide $20 worth of urgent food aid, thanks to our partnership with the World Food Programme.

Your impact goes further – every $1 you give multiplies 20 times.

<br>Your impact goes further – every $1 you give multiplies 20 times.

Thanks to our partnership with the World Food Programme, every dollar you give today will make 20 times more impact for kids facing horrific hunger. 

This life-saving partnership provides emergency food to those impacted by conflict or long-term food shortages. Together with your support, we're providing monthly food rations and meals in schools, feeding malnourished children and teaching families how to cook nutritious meals. We're empowering families by providing cash and e-cards so they can purchase their own food. 

In 2023, the generosity of New Zealanders enabled us to reach 4,360,731 people with life-saving food aid across 15 countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Malawi, Mali, Moldova, Myanmar, Niger, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Thanks to you, emergency food aid is saving lives.

<h4>Elizabeth and her children now eat two meals a day</h4>

Elizabeth and her children now eat two meals a day

Thanks to the compassion of generous people just like you, Elizabeth and her children no longer face crippling hunger. "I receive cereals, pulses and other supplies for my children. We also receive cash every month for milling. My children and I can eat at least two meals a day with porridge for breakfast." Like every mum, Elizabeth is desperate to see her children healthy. She's very grateful for the life-saving food aid she receives. And that finally, her children can smile. "As long as my children have food to eat every day, I have no worries," she says. Without the food aid they receive, both Elizabeth and her children’s lives would be on the line.
<h4>The transforming power of high energy "wonder" biscuits</h4>

The transforming power of high energy "wonder" biscuits

When Manero and her three little children arrived at the refugee camp in Uganda, they were haggard, pale and on the edge of starvation. They had spent seven gruelling days on the road, trekking helplessly, fleeing the violence in South Sudan. When they reached the World Vision desk they each received two packs of World Food Programme high energy biscuits. This was the first nutritious food they had eaten in days. After eating half a pack each, the transformation was immediate. The children's faces began to ease, and they quickly started to regain a sense of wellbeing. 

We ensure all resources entrusted to us are used effectively to bring maximum impact.



As part of an international partnership working in nearly 100 countries, World Vision New Zealand pursues the highest standards of stewardship and accountability.

In 2022, 84.4% of World Vision New Zealand's total operating expenses were used for international program support that benefited children, families and communities in need. Learn more.