World Food Programme

Millions in Malawi urgently need food assistance.

Every day around the world men and women struggle to feed their children. The consequences of not enough, or the wrong type of food, cause poor health or death, slows mental development and impacts children’s education and employment opportunities.

people still go hungry every day around the world
of children under 5 years are stunted in Malawi
of people live in extreme poverty in Malawi

Every $1 you give means we can provide $23 worth of food

Every $1 you give means we can provide $23 worth of food</br></br>
World Vision and the World Food Programme provide life-saving emergency food aid to those impacted by conflict or long-term food shortages. We do this through monthly food rations, feeding malnourished children, teaching families how to cook nutritious meals, and providing cash and e-cards to empower people to purchase their own food. We continuously work to improve our operations to reduce costs which is why we are the preferred partner of the World Food Programme. 

We are currently providing emergency food aid across 12 countries; Lebanon, Iraq, Uganda, Myanmar, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Sudan, South Sudan, Cambodia and Zimbabwe. 
Multiply your impact and deliver life-saving food