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Through VisionFund micro-finance we are providing capital to help low income families in Myanmar start and grow their businesses. As loans are paid back, money is recycled back into the community to further stimulate the economy.

people are currently loaning money.
of borrowers are women.
children have had their lives transformed.

Myanmar is Asia’s second poorest economy and is emerging from a long period of isolation. Most of its 54 million people work in agriculture. The UN estimates low-interest loans are only available to 10% of those who need it and that four million people need affordable credit to have a stable family income.

Our goal is build brighter futures for 1.1 million children by 2020 through:

Our goal is build brighter futures for 1.1 million children by 2020 through:

Small low interest loans: These loans support people to start or grow their business who do not have access to these services. We have seen the children of our borrowers enjoy better health, nutrition and education as a result of their parents income increasing. Parents are also using their income to improve their community by constructing schools, building roads and supporting healthcare. 

Digital banking: In rural areas repayment sites require long travel times so to increase loan repayments, reduce costs and enable large scale rural services we plan to implement a digital banking service that was trialled in Tanzania. 

Savings programmes: For people without a reliable and regular income these programmes will allow them to save money to be used in the event of disaster or misfortune. We are providing financial training for these groups and supporting them to use the central fund for borrowing as well as saving.

Help break the cycle of poverty.