Change in this small corner of Cambodia

Change in this small corner of Cambodia

Meet Phy, a hard working business woman. She is a seamstress and runs a small duck farm which provides her with eggs to sell. She works very hard to provide for her daughter and nephew. 
On the side of her house is a small vegetable farm and she shows me the water pump that was given to her by World Vision. She tells me, “Before, I had to carry heavy water on my shoulder and it takes a long time to just water the vegetable farm, so I never had time to do anything else.” 
Phy’s life, and her daughter and nephew’s lives have been changed with the help of World Vision supporters. Sometimes, it’s hard to know the impact of providing a little bit of support, but Phy’s story, and the stories of so many others, reminds us that many families and communities are being lifted out of poverty. 
Families like Phy’s were previously ignored due to their financial situation, but with the help of World Vision supporters, so many families now have courage to try new things. They know they are not alone in this world, and know that there is someone on the other side of the world who cares for them. 
We want to thank all the supporters for making a positive change in this small corner of Cambodia.