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Right now, thousands of girls live in fear of child labour, child marriage, or worse. They urgently need your help.

Esther (8), Rwanda

A vulnerable girl needs you right now.

No girl should have to live in fear. But so many do. For a girl growing up in extreme poverty, every day holds dangers – just because she’s a girl. Around the world, girls are saying enough is enough. They want to know their rights, to stand up, to have choices and to get an education.

Right now, you can give a girl the tools to write her own future. Join the movement to sponsor 1,000 Girls. You can help a girl to break free from poverty. You’ll support her education. You’ll help her family to provide for her. You’ll give her a chance to become all she was created to be.

Select a girl to sponsor and change their life for good.

You can give a girl the tools she needs to write her own future.

You can give a girl the tools she needs to write her own future.

Joycelyn, Ghana

You can help a girl to stand up, to have choices. To get an education. To play. To thrive. You can help a girl to break free from poverty, for good. 

By sponsoring a girl you'll protect her from exploitation. Girls who are sponsored are more likely to go to school and receive regular health care check-ups; they are regularly monitored which keeps them safer.

Your donation of $50 a month will provide essentials like clean water, nutritious food, education, protection, healthcare and improve families incomes. 

Millions of girls have their rights taken away, are kept out of school, and forced to marry too young just because they are girls. But you can help a girl today. You can help set her free of fear. Free to learn, grow and to be the fearless girl she was born to be.

Sponsoring a girl helps her live free of fear by tackling the root causes of poverty.


Child Protection

We work alongside communities to protect children who are vulnerable to abuse or exploitation like child marriage, child labour and trafficking.

Clean Water

Reaching 1 new person every 10 seconds, World Vision is the largest non-government provider of safe water in the developing world.


Every year we provide millions of children with an education so they can reach their full potential and contribute to their communities.

Nutritious Food

Every year, we provide more than nine million people with life-saving food assistance, including five million children.

Family Income

Breaking the poverty cycle with economic empowerment, by strengthening families' capacity to provide for their children.


We ensure the most vulnerable have access to healthcare services to help children and their families live long and healthy lives.

Emergency Relief

We respond to disasters with life-saving speed and then stay to ensure the lives of disaster-affected families and communities are rebuilt.


We relentlessly advocate for an end to violence against children and ensure the voices of the world’s most vulnerable children are heard.

Join the movement to sponsor 1,000 Girls.

You can protect a girl facing child marriage.

<br>You can protect a girl facing child marriage.

Janet (16), Uganda

Janet was just 15 years old when her greatest fear almost became a reality. Her father had arranged for her to be married.

In Uganda, 34% of girls just like Janet are married before their 18th birthday. Janet is one of the lucky ones. She knew her rights.

Thanks to the support of Child Sponsorship enabling child protection work in her community, Janet was spared this abusive fate and is now free to be a child. Janet had learned about her rights. She went to her teacher and community leaders, who helped stop the marriage. Janet is now safe to dream of her bright future.

By sponsoring a girl like Janet, you’ll protect her from exploitation. You’ll help break the cycle of poverty, provide support for her education and give her a chance to reach her dreams.

Every girl should live free of fear.

Right now, thousands of girls are at risk of child labour, child marriage, or worse. They urgently need your help. Please, give a girl the tools to write her own future.
Sponsor a girl now

Jubaida (5), Bangladesh

You can give a girl the chance to become all she was created to be.

<h4>An empowered girl is a powerful girl</h4>

Hena Girl Power Group, India

An empowered girl is a powerful girl

Child marriage has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. But child sponsors are helping Girl Power Groups in rural India to fight back. Meet the Hena Girl Power Group – 45 young women working to keep girls safe. Since the start of the pandemic, they’ve saved eight girls from early marriage. “I want to help people who are in trouble," says 18-year-old Mousumi (centre), the group's president. "For my village, my dream is that child marriage, child labour and trafficking will stop.” The Hena Girls are part of our network of 291 Girl Power Groups in West Bengal alone. Mousumi's sponsor gave her the tools to write her own future. But thousands of girls still desperately need your help. Please, sponsor a girl today.

<h4>From shrimp worker to community hero</h4>

Akhi (17), Bangladesh

From shrimp worker to community hero

When Akhi’s dad had an accident and couldn’t work, Akhi had to leave school and go to work in a shrimp-processing factory. The work was hard and dangerous and she missed three years of school. But, thanks to the generous support of people like you, 17-year-old Akhi was rescued. This support changed her life. She got away from the factory and received a sewing machine and training to start her own business. When COVID-19 hit, Akhi started sewing masks. “I decided to make masks and sell them for a low price, so everyone could afford them. If people have no money, I give them masks for free,” she says. Akhi even won an award from the UN for keeping people safe from COVID-19.

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How does sponsoring a girl protect her from exploitation?
Through child sponsorship, you help break the cycle of poverty, supporting families to protect their children from dangerous situations. Girls that are sponsored are regularly monitored, which keeps them safe. They are more likely to go to school and receive regular healthcare check-ups. As children become teenagers, sponsorship helps equip them for the future. Programmes can help improve their health and wellbeing and inspire them to give back to their community.

What do I receive as a Child Sponsor?
You get to be a part of your Sponsored Child’s life and to witness their community’s transformation. You’ll receive regular news about progress and achievements in your child’s community, annual updates and photos of your child and you’ll be able to connect with letters and emails.

If I sponsor a child where does my money go?
Your money does not go directly to your sponsor child, or their family, but enables World Vision to work with their entire community to have an even bigger impact and make long-term sustainable change for everyone. As a member of this community, your Sponsor Child receives the benefits of this incredible change and their own lives are transformed.

How long will I sponsor my child?
In most cases, it will be throughout their childhood and into their teens. Most children will be in the sponsorship programme until their community has begun to reach most of its goals, and become self-sustainable. As a project comes to a close we will let you know of the achievements in the community so you can celebrate with us.


We ensure all resources entrusted to us are used effectively to bring maximum impact.



As part of an international partnership working in nearly 100 countries, World Vision New Zealand pursues the highest standards of stewardship and accountability.

In 2020, 83.9% of World Vision New Zealand's total operating expenses were used for international program support that benefited children, families and communities in need. Learn more.