Meet Prisca

A 9-year-old girl from Malawi who is constantly sick from dirty water.

The water Prisca has to collect is threatening her dreams.

There are no taps or wells near Prisca's home. She has to fetch water from a stream that is a long way away. Every morning, Prisca gets up early to collect water. It's hard work carrying heavy buckets of water back home.

Animals also drink from the stream. But it's her family's only source of water. Prisca has to drink the dirty stream water to survive. Even though she knows it makes her sick.

"The water that we drink isn't safe at all. When I drink dirty water, I get a sore stomach. This makes it hard for me to walk, and I'm often late for school.

"When I get too sick, I have to stay home and miss school," she says.

Prisca is smart. She studies hard and often tops her class of 160 students. But her grades are slipping.
Her mum Ednas is worried that the dirty water might force Prisca to drop out of school, just like she had to.

Ednas says, "We have been drinking dirty stream water in this village since I was young. I couldn't concentrate on my studies because I was always sick. So I dropped out in primary school. I don't want my children to be uneducated like me because they don't have clean water."

Prisca knows the difference that clean water could make.

"If we had clean water, we wouldn't be sick so often, and we could be happy all the time. I wouldn't have to miss school anymore, which would help me fulfil my dreams," she says.

Change everything with clean water for kids like Prisca.

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