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ARISE Church partnership

World Vision and ARISE have been partnering together since 2008 and are on a mission to bring life in all its fullness to children and their families.

With your support, we're partnering with communities to tackle the root causes of poverty. We partner, plan and work alongside children, families and local community members to help build healthy, sustainable communities. This ensures the greatest possible impact and allows all children to thrive. Thanks to you, we're improving access to education and healthcare, securing water supplies and providing training to increase food production for good nutrition all year round.

We are standing together to fight the injustice of poverty and protect vulnerable children.

<h4>Lipiri Community, Malawi</h4>

Lipiri Community, Malawi

We’ve been partnering with Lipiri for over ten years now and are starting to tackle the harder problems such as changing mindsets early marriage and the right to education for girls. We’re focusing on building skills, hope and opportunity for Lipiri community.

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<h4>Child Protection and stopping child marriage</h4>

Child Protection and stopping child marriage

Together with your support, World Vision and ARISE Church are working to end child marriage. We're partnering with the Nalanda community in India to tackle the root causes of poverty that drive child marriage. We are working to break down ingrained beliefs and unequal systems that force girls into early marriage.

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We ensure all resources entrusted to us are used effectively to bring maximum impact.



As part of an international partnership working in nearly 100 countries, World Vision New Zealand pursues the highest standards of stewardship and accountability.


In 2022, 84.4% of World Vision New Zealand's total operating expenses were used for international program support that benefited children, families and communities in need. Learn more.