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The Connected Generation

The Connected Generation project is a partnership of Barna and World Vision, surveying more than 15,000 respondents across 25 countries and 9 languages. Watch the presentation below to learn how to better understand, engage and collaborate with 18-35-year-olds, partnering with them in discipleship and supporting them in their callings.

A Globally Connected Generation

A Globally Connected Generation

What values are Millennials, and now Gen Z, bringing with them into adulthood? What kind of world are they already building? What is their relationship to faith? 

The reality is that members of this age cohort are hardly “the next generation” anymore. Outliers no longer, they are a formidable and present force, actively shaping the future of our industries, politics, arts, neighbourhoods and, yes, churches. 

This research equips pastors and faith leaders to not only understand Millennials better but also to partner with them in discipleship and support them in their callings.

For a copy of the research findings or a workbook that will guide you to bring these findings to your congregation please contact us at church@worldvision.org.nz.