NCEA Level 2 Resource

Facing the Global Challenge: HIV and AIDS

Facing the Global Challenge: HIV and AIDS

This Level 2 NCEA resource helps teach and assess Achievement Standard 91246v3: Explain aspects of a geographic topic at a global scale (Geography 2.7)

World Vision’s popular CD resource has been completely updated and relaunched on USB memory stick. The 2018 version now meets version 3 of the geography global study Achievement Standard 91246. 

This new USB resource costs $50 and provides: 
  • An updated 6-page student resource booklet pdf
  • Updated and revised statistics, maps, graphics and PowerPoints
  • Updated assessment and schedule that meet version 3 of the standard
  • All pages marked ‘Revised 2018’
Schools can install the digital resources on their school server and student devices or print out relevant sections.

Order the Facing the Global Challenge USB by downloading this order form. Please complete the form and email your order to: