Djeneba's bright future

Djeneba's bright future

There’s nothing stopping Djeneba from learning now that there’s a school in her community in Mali. 
“Before this school was built life was very difficult, the children used to walk seven kilometres. It is difficult to teach like this because the children are tired and they cannot concentrate, they walk for long distances, therefore they come late to class,” says headmaster Yacouba. 
Dejneba’s father is ecstatic about his daughter’s future, “I am very glad World Vision built this school in our village, they built it so children like mine can have access to education. In the old school, there were many children in one class, and the teacher needed to teach two different grades at the same time, in the same classroom. Now more than 200 children from three villages are able to study in the school built by World Vision.” 

French language classes are Dejneba's favourite lesson. Her dream to become a teacher and now with access to education, Dejneba is well on her way to achieving this dream.