Haziel's Story

Haziel's Story
Child sponsorship has equipped Haziel with the tools for a bright future. 

Haziel had been abandoned by both of her parents at a very young age. Her father had left when she was just a baby, and her mother quickly remarried, leaving Haziel to grow up with her grandmother. 

Haziel was sponsored through World Vision from the fourth grade until she finished high school. Now 25, she is a teacher at her former school in the Philippines. “I am a teacher because of World Vision,” she says. “My sponsored family gave me the vision to study hard and now I am a teacher, so I am very proud.” 

“We were very poor,” says Haziel. “My grandmother worked hard, but she was very thankful because World Vision supported us with school supplies, bags, uniforms and shoes.” 

Early on, Haziel knew she wanted to become a teacher so that she could share her story and encourage students growing up under similar conditions, to beat the odds. “I always hope for them to be successful in life,” she says of her students. “That they will pursue their dreams, their ambitions. As a teacher, I will encourage them to study hard, work hard, to make them successful in life like me.”

You can help a girl just like Haziel to live free from fear. Free to learn, grow and be the fearless girl she was born to be.