40 Hour Famine Organiser Resources

40 Hour Famine Organiser Resources

Here you’ll find plenty of tools to help with your 40 hour fundraising challenge including tips, downloadable posters and videos. There are also heaps of helpful resources available for Organisers running the 40 Hour Famine. 

Remember: You can order Sponsorship books and other 40 Hour Famine materials through your online fundraising profile. 40 Hour Famine Organisers if you’re stuck for ideas, you can contact a World Vision Schools Partnership Manager at NZ.Schools@worldvision.org.nz or a Church Partnership Manager at church@worldvision.org.nz. 

Getting started

Here you’ll find all the information you need to get your 40 Hour Famine campaign rolling.  If you require hard-copy versions of these materials, please request a 40 Hour Famine Organiser Pack by emailing faminebooks@worldvision.org.nz

Communicating about the crisis

The Syrian Refugee Crisis is complicated and can be difficult to explain. These tips sheets and education resources will help you to understand and clearly explain the crisis. For other teaching resources, including NCEA-accredited resources, please email nz.schools@worldvision.org.nz


Our videos help explain the crisis and tell the stories of refugees. Share these on your fundraising profile, in your school or church or on social media to help spread the word about the crisis.

2017 Campaign Posters

Download and print these posters, and pin them around your school, church, or anywhere they will be seen!

Helpful administrator documents

A couple of tools to help you keep track of who’s participating in your 40 Hour Famine group.

Become a fundraising superstar with these tips and tricks!

Want to raise $150 in a week? Want to hold a group fundraising event? Find out how by downloading our fundraising cheat sheets!

Promote your event with these printable posters and flyers

Whether you’re doing a bake sale at your local market, holding a mufti day at school or running a quiz night, let everyone know about your event by handing out these flyers and pinning the posters around town!

The fastest way to spread the word is on social

Update your Facebook cover photo and let everyone know that you’re standing side by side with the children of Syria.

Church resources

Church specific resources and Bible Studies to help you communicate and share about the Refugee Crisis. Please email your Church Relationship Manager or church@worldvision.org.nz for any further resources.

40 Hour Famine 2017: June 9-11

Our Generation United: For the children of Syria