Helping children survive, recover and build a future.

When a crisis strikes the children are the most at risk.
You can help support children living in some of the world's most dangerous places today, where conflict, exploitation, and natural disasters are a constant threat.
For these children life can change forever in an instant.

No child should have experienced or witnessed the horrors Hani has seen.

We were in the house sleeping, we woke up and suddenly we heard something go 'bomph'.

We fled our house and the rockets were still coming.

We kept running.

Watch Hani's story

Vulnerable children like Hani, living in the world's most dangerous places need your support right now!
Give monthly to CHILDREN IN CRISIS

Your monthly gift to CHILDREN IN CRISIS goes further

Your monthly gift to CHILDREN IN CRISIS goes further
Every $1 you give can provide $5 worth of aid thanks to our partnerships across the United Nations. 

This means your monthly gift of $20 multiplies to $100 which enables us to respond quickly in the aftermath of a disaster or in the midst of conflict. It ensures we can be prepared, we can act and we can help the most vulnerable children. 

For over 45 years we have worked hard to make sure that all resources entrusted to us are used as efficiently and effectively to bring maximum impact to children and communities in need. 

Partnering with other organisations is critical to making change happen quickly and fostering innovative solutions all over the world. 

We urgently need your support to protect vulnerable children in countries where political instability, natural disasters and conflict threaten their safety.
Give monthly to CHILDREN IN CRISIS

Your monthly gift starts working immediately, protecting the world's most vulnerable children.