World Vision 100

Join the World Vision 100 today to help the world's poorest of the poor break free from poverty, for good.

The world's poorest children need you now.

Most extremely poor families struggle to survive because they don't have the skills, resources or opportunities to earn a stable living and provide for their children. By joining the World Vision 100, you'll help extremely poor families earn a living and provide the training, resources, cash, food, and emotional support they need to help them break free from poverty, for good.

A proven pathway out of poverty.

A proven pathway out of poverty.

Kabita's (14) family is in the Ultra-Poor-Graduation program

By joining the World Vision 100, you'll help the poorest families in the poorest communities to plot their course out of poverty and succeed.

You'll help parents learn new skills so they can earn an income and provide for their children, now and in the future. Providing them with the nutritious food, healthcare and quality education they need to thrive. You'll empower families with the knowledge and confidence to become leaders in their communities.

How your support will help the poorest of the poor:

<h4>Immediate relief</h4>

Immediate relief

When a disaster strikes, you'll provide immediate, life-saving relief. You'll give families urgent cash and food to meet their kids' immediate needs, along with clean water and healthcare.

<h4>Family income</h4>

Family income

Your support helps improve family income by training parents to run their own businesses. You'll help teach them new skills and give them the tools they need to get started.

<h4>Financial freedom</h4>

Financial freedom

You'll help give families financial freedom. Your support teaches families financial skills to save, invest in their businesses, and provide for their children's needs.

<h4>Empowered futures</h4>

Empowered futures

You'll help families learn to challenge harmful beliefs and practices, build their confidence and improve their relationships with life coaching and support groups.

You can give children like Sadia life-saving food

"I know which kind of food is needed to change my baby’s story but under the circumstances, it’s impossible. There is no food anywhere," shares 3-year old Sadia's mother, Shilpi. 

Sadia (3) with her mother Shilpi, Bangladesh

Donate today to join the World Vision 100.

Together, we'll help the poorest of the poor to break free from poverty, for good.

Your life-changing gift will transform lives.



provides training for 10 families living on the edge of survival to start small businesses. You'll help them earn a stable income and provide for their kids.



provides tools and training for 115 families to grow vegetable gardens. You'll help them feed their children and grow extra produce to sell.



helps 8 families to complete the whole two-year transformation programme: training, resources, cash, food, and emotional support.

World Vision 100 works.

Your support transforms lives. Thanks to you, mums and dads can provide, and their children can have the freedom to reach their potential.

<h4>San San is setting her children up for life</h4>

San San is setting her children up for life

San San, a mother of seven, has two goals for her family's future; to support her children's education and to have more income to enable her whole family to thrive. San San's family was selected to join the Ultra Poor Graduation programme along with 13 other families in her community. This programme provided training, resources, cash, food, and emotional support to lift themselves out of poverty for good. The transformation for her family has been amazing. Since joining the program, San San has been able to pay off debt and join a Savings for Transformation group monitored by World Vision, where she could save money and get a loan with low interest rates. "As I can earn regular income, now I can afford for my three children who are attending schools such as their stationery costs, and tuition fees," shares San San.

<h4>Lily is creating a new life for her family</h4>

Lily is creating a new life for her family

Lily was married at just 13 years old. It was a heartless transaction that didn't last long. Within weeks, she was rejected and sent home. Her education and her dreams ended. Thanks to the support of people just like you, Lily's whole life turned around. She was able to join our two-year transformation programme for the poorest families in her community. Lily seized the opportunity to create a new life for herself, her daughter and her mother. In just two years, she went from working as a maid to running three thriving businesses; raising poultry, selling cloth and tailoring. Everything changed. "When I used to work in different households, they treated me as a maid. Now I am a businesswoman," says Lily. "People think of me as important. Now I can walk in the community. I am someone. I'm a spokeswoman. They respect me now."

We ensure all resources entrusted to us are used effectively to bring maximum impact.



As part of an international partnership working in nearly 100 countries, World Vision New Zealand pursues the highest standards of stewardship and accountability.


In 2022, 84.4% of World Vision New Zealand's total operating expenses were used for international program support that benefited children, families and communities in need. Learn more.