How just five chickens can change a family's life

How just five chickens can change a family's life

Meet Ladislaus. He lives in Ibwera community in Tanzania. World Vision has been working with his community since 2007, mobilizing the community and supporting them as they reach their development goals of clean water for all, improving food security and access to health services.

Ladislaus asked us to share his story: 

My name is Ladislaus. I am a father of three children.   

History wasn't too kind to me and my family. It was very difficult for me to meet the needs for my three children especially three meals per day, and scholastic materials due to lack of income.  

Sometimes the survival of my children depended on assistance from my relatives and neighbours. Sometimes my children were not attending school frequently because I didn’t have enough money to cover the costs. 

Inspired through training

I remember last year World Vision invited me to attend a training session on empowered world view. The session was on how to identify the resources available around us.

Immediately after the training I decided to start a small poultry project. 

I started with 5 local chickens, and now the number has increased to 35! Every day, the chickens produce about 20 eggs, and this year, between March and September, I have sold more than 2,900 eggs. All up, that's worth 894,660 Tanzanian shillings (approximately NZ$572). 
I would sell the eggs as well as include them in my family's diet to improve their nutrition. I would also use the chicken manure is to increase soil fertility on our farm.  

Thankful for success

Sincerely, I am excited by this project because it only needed small capital to run with local technology.

I thank God that I can now afford to provide for my children, to cover their medical and schooling costs.  

Pictured: Ladislaus' children help with the task of caring for the family's chickens.

Proud of a new future

Moreover, I have managed to buy four local goats and paid costs for electricity installation for my house.

Recently, I have started building a new house using burnt bricks that are available in our area. I look forward to sharing with my children this knowledge and I am proud to be able to care for their basic needs for their future especially good education and health as my mind had been transformed.