Kabita's Story

Kabita's Story
Kabita has faced a lot of hardship at just eight years old. 

When she was very young her father left, leaving her mother Roksana extremely vulnerable. She struggled to support the family on her own.

Eventually Roksana remarried, but her new marriage did not provide the support she had expected for her children. Her new extended family were cruel and wouldn’t accept the children. Kabita’s older brother Rashid was forced onto the streets where he had to beg and take on extremely dangerous jobs to survive.

In an act of desperation to spare her daughter from the same fate, Roksana decided to send Kabita to an orphanage. 

Through the support of Child Sponsorship, World Vision has established a ‘Child Wellbeing Committee’ in Kabita’s community in Bangladesh. The committee works to protect children from exploitation and abuse like child marriage and child labour. They are run by members of the community including politicians and schoolteachers. 

As soon as Roksana’s neighbour, Shefali heard that Kabita had been sent away, she contacted the Child Wellbeing Committee and asked them to help rescue Kabita from the orphanage.  

Together, Shefali and the Child Wellbeing committee were able to bring Kabita back home. 

Now, Kabita is a sponsored child, and thriving, living next door to her mother with Shefali. She receives healthcare and all her school materials, and attends school every day. She also attends training sessions, where she learns all about her rights.

Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world, with almost 20 per cent of girls married by 15-years-old. If Kabita had stayed at the orphanage, her fate would have almost certainly involving the prospect of early marriage.  

Child Sponsorship empowers girls to know their rights and determine their own future. The future is brighter now for Kabita. It is her time to shine.