Bukene Community, Tanzania

Thanks to your generosity, and the determination of the people of Bukene; children in the Tanzanian community now have a brighter future ahead of them. We completed our work here in September 2018.

  • Population43,927
  • Villages10
  • Temp25°C
With your support through Child Sponsorship we have partnered with the Bukene community for 15 years, and have now come to the end of our journey with them.

The good news is that they have a bright and sustainable future ahead of them. They’re now empowered with the training, structures and confidence to continue developing their community on their own. 

This transformation has been made possible thanks to your ongoing support and commitment to the children of Bukene. 

Today we celebrate a community filled with hope.
Thanks to you, 43,927 lives are transformed. Here's a heartfelt 'Thank you!' video filmed especially for you from the people of Bukene!

of households now have an income and can provide for their children.
schools now have enough hygienic toilets for boys and girls.
of women now give birth safely in health clinics.

Thanks to your support, the Bukene community is now a place where children thrive.

Thanks to your support, the Bukene community is now a place where children thrive.

Easy access to clean water, so children are less likely to suffer from water-borne illnesses.

Easy access to healthcare and medicine so mothers and children can receive the support and guidance they need.

Better learning environments for children due to more school desks, text books and sports and play equipment.

Agricultural training so parents can get the most out of their plots of land and provide for their families.

Easy access to savings groups so adults can start businesses and improve their children’s lives.

The people of Bukene celebrate your contribution to their development journey through Child Sponsorship. We have put together a showcase of some of the thousands of lives that have been impacted because of the generosity of New Zealanders like you.

With a solid foundation now in place, the community is looking forward to shaping a brighter future for its children and families.

Best of all, the changes will continue after we have left.

Take a look at the amazing impact your sponsorship has had on the Bukene Community!

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