Buyamba Community, Uganda

Kids in Buyamba are thriving, thanks to you! The community is ready to manage their own future, by themselves. What an achievement!

Buyamba Community, Uganda
  • Population35,000
  • Villages54
  • Temp 23°C
You’ve made a life-changing difference for children in Buyamba. 

Your sponsored child will always remember your friendship and compassion. 

Because of you, families are celebrating today. 

They’re empowered with the skills, knowledge and confidence to continue building a brighter future for their children, on their own. 

We completed our work here in September 2020. The amazing changes you’ve made possible will last long into the future! 

Watch the special video the people of Buyamba created just for you. They want to thank you for the amazing change you’ve made possible in their community.


 97% of families have access to safe toilets.

Clean water in Ibwera
Thanks to your support, families in Buyamba now have more sources of clean water and they’re equipped with the skills to maintain them.

Children are staying healthier and avoiding suffering from diarrhoea and other illnesses because families have access to safe toilets, are keeping their homes clean, and have better handwashing habits.

This means children can attend school every day because they’re not too sick, and don't have to spend their days walking long distances to collect dirty water.

Now, more than ever, good handwashing behaviours are vital for families to stay healthy and safe. Your support has helped increase the amount of families with good handwashing behaviours from just 29% in 2006 to 67% in 2020.

 90% of primary school students pass their final exams.

Improving education in Ibwera

Because of you, children are excited about the future and they’re reaching for their dreams!

You’ve helped lift the rate of primary school students passing their final exams from just 54% in 2006 to an incredible 90% in 2020.

Your support has trained teachers and taught parents the value of education. Thanks to you, kids are reading with more understanding and doing better in maths. They have plenty of books and clubs where they can enjoy studying.

Reading clubs are helping prepare young children for school and supporting them in their learning; providing a safe place for children to enjoy playing and learning with teachers who’ve had specialist training.

“I'm so excited to come to the literacy centre because I get to practice drawing and writing, which improves my skills.”

- Ronitah (8), Buyamba community, Uganda


 99% of families make money by selling part of their harvest.

We are helping parents feed their children healthy food

Because of you, families are growing enough nutritious food for themselves with plenty left over to sell.

You’ve helped them learn better farming methods and ways to conserve natural resources.

Savings groups help many people start businesses or pay for essentials like school supplies.

With stable income and strategies to weather natural disasters, parents can support their children and prepare for the future.

“My dad looked after the coffee you gave us. It’s now ready and we’re harvesting it!”

- Wycliffe (12) and Rose (10), Buyamba community, Uganda


 97% of families eat three meals a day.

Healthcare in Ibwera

Thanks to you, children and families are eating well and staying healthy.

You’ve helped increase the number of families eating three meals a day from just 5% in 2006 to a life-changing 97% in 2020. What an amazing change!

You’ve trained parents on how to feed their children nutritious food so they can grow up healthy and strong. Families are now growing their own vegetables, giving them a wider variety of nutritious food to eat.

Families are more supported by local healthcare workers, and now 97% of people are receiving the healthcare they need.

Thanks to you, children in Buyamba are growing up strong and healthy.

"My aunt gives me vegetables every day."

- Suzan (3), Buyamba community, Uganda


 99% of parents and caregivers understand and respect children’s rights.

Child protection in Ibwera

Your support helped train Child Protection workers in schools and the community. These workers are raising awareness of risks to children's safety, and children and adults in the community can report any child abuse to them.

When children were affected by violence, child marriage, early pregnancy and other forms of abuse, they didn’t know how to report it and what power they had to stop it.

Now, thanks to you, children say they feel safe at home, at school and in their villages because parents and teachers have learned how to protect children.

People are spreading the word about children's rights through a network of children’s clubs, neighbourhood groups and local leaders. The community is committed to stopping violence against children.