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Providing clean water in Africa


Our clean water work in Africa is changing lives

Our clean water work in Africa is changing lives</br></br>
In Africa, unsafe water is one of the biggest killers of children under five. In some places, getting clean water is staggeringly hard – 40 billion labour hours a year go to collecting water. 

When children have clean water and decent toilets, they are healthier and can go to school, and their parents can work to provide their families with food and income.  

Across Africa, we’re working with communities to make sure they have clean water. We’re building and repairing water sources and toilets, teaching safe hygiene practices, and helping communities manage their water.

We know how important water is, so it’s more than just digging wells. Water is running through all of our work – it’s a huge part of everything we do in health, education, and farming. 
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