Lalogi-Lakwana, Uganda

Lalogi-Lakwana, Uganda
  • Population30,000
  • Villages41
  • Temp 17°C
Lalogi-Lakwana community is in northern Uganda. Here, most families grow their own food, but harvests are never enough for three meals a day.

Sponsorship is helping to tackle three challenges facing children:
  1. Quality of education is an issue. Only 38% of students in grade 6 can understand what they read.
  2. Families struggle to provide three meals a day for their children.
  3. Kids don't feel safe and many are vulnerable to violence and early marriage.

Partnering together for a sustainable future.

By sponsoring children in Lalogi-Lakwana community, you are making an incredible difference in vulnerable children’s lives.

Your support is helping Lalogi-Lakwana community by improving the physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being of the most vulnerable children.

Through decades of experience, we have proven that the most effective way to help a child is to strengthen their entire community, caring for every child along the way. In fact, because of these community-focused solutions, for every child you sponsor, 4 more benefit too!

Together, we are tackling the hard problems, changing mindsets and behaviours to address the root causes of poverty. We’re focusing on building trust and developing a long-term action plan for Lalogi-Lakwana community.

Your support is making a life-changing impact for children in Lalogi-Lakwana.


1,595 girls and boys received a birth certificate and are now recognised as citizens, allowing them to access vital services, such as healthcare and education.


40 children's groups campaigned to end violence against children, empowering girls and boys to speak out against harmful attitudes and practices.


9 local volunteers completed literacy training, so they can help more girls and boys learn to read and write.


32 teenagers are part of a local youth group, a safe and fun place where teens can meet, learn and practise new skills, and work together to promote child rights and protection.


"Our school was very dirty and children would throw rubbish everywhere. But since the hygiene and sanitation training, we all participate in sweeping and keeping our school clean." – Sharon (15), pictured centre


"Before the savings training, we would always start the new year broke. We are so happy now, because we can make plans for what we want to buy with the money we are saving." – Patricia, pictured centre


"We have improved our teaching methods, and this has increased children’s understanding in reading and writing. Children are also learning different life skills such as how to socialize with their friends." – Davidson

Transforming communities together.

We will partner with the Lalogi-Lakwana community until 2029. Starting by building trust and establishing a clear understanding of the needs of the community. We will work together to establish and deliver sustainable projects that strengthen the community, making it a place where children thrive.


Started 2020



Completing 2029

“My father bought for me a uniform, and I liked my new school because we learnt drawing, singing and playing while at school.”

- Blessing (7), Lalogi-Lakwana community, Uganda

Did you know?

Did you know?

Lake Victoria, Uganda

Winston Churchill referred to Uganda as the “Pearl of Africa” on his tour there in 1908 and the name has stuck.
Uganda’s dense forests, mountain ranges, lakes and savannas have enticed travellers for decades.
Filled with breath-taking landscapes and an abundance of flora and fauna – including the so-called African big 5 (lions, elephants, leopards, buffalos and rhinos).
Uganda is also home to Lake Victoria, the second biggest lake in the world and one of the sources of the Nile River.

Other ways you can help vulnerable children.

<h4>Sponsor a Child</h4>

Sponsor a Child

You can help another child break free from poverty, for good. Your sponsorship will help bring essentials like clean water, education and healthcare to a child and their community.

<h4>Childhood Rescue</h4>

Childhood Rescue

Children in the world’s most dangerous places need you now. Help them survive, recover and build a future. You can provide life-saving food, water and protection to kids whose lives are on the line.

<h4>Gift in your Will</h4>

Gift in your Will

Including a gift in your Will to World Vision is a wonderfully generous way to ensure the values that are important to you live on, as you continue impacting communities around the world.