Lalogi-Lakwana, Uganda

Your support is transforming Lalogi-Lakwana, where only one third of children finish primary school and young girls are often forced into early marriage.

Lalogi-Lakwana, Uganda
  • Population30,000
  • Villages41
  • Temp30°C
Kind-hearted supporters like you have just begun helping the Lalogi-Lakwana community tackle the root causes of poverty. 

Most families living here grow their own food, like rice and cassava. Harvests are often not enough to feed children. More than 75% of families go hungry at some point during the year. 

Schools are overcrowded, and classrooms can have up to 63 students sharing just a few desks and chairs. 

You can empower the community so they’re ultimately able to continue their development and thrive, on their own.

Watch the special video the people of Lalogi-Lakwana made to introduce you to their community.

As a widow, Yolanda looks after her six children on her own.

<br>As a widow, Yolanda looks after her six children on her own.

Yolanda with her 5-year old son Rwotoyuba.

Yolanda hopes to be able to pay their school fees until they complete school; however, it is becoming more challenging. 

“Life is not easy because I have difficulty looking after the children especially when it comes to paying school fees. I have no money to take them to school,” says Yolanda.

Yolanda says there are a lot of children in the school and there are not enough desks, books and stationery for all the children. “Some end up sitting on the floor and writing (with books) on their laps,” Yolanda adds.

Yolanda wants to support her children to complete their education. “I need to have a good income through agriculture and also build a good house for me and the children.”

You're helping families in Lalogi-Lakwana with:



You’re building classrooms and toilets in schools. You’re training teachers and providing textbooks and other resources. This helps children learn, be inspired and reach for their dreams.


Nutritious Food

Your support trains parents on how to feed their children the nutritious food they need to grow up healthy and strong.


Family Income

You’re training farmers on how to grow enough crops, find markets and buyers and take out savings group loans to grow their businesses. This means they can feed their children, send them to school and keep them healthy.


Child Protection

You’re protecting children from violence, abuse, child labour and child marriage. You’re teaching children, parents and authorities about the rights of children. You’re making it easier for children to get a birth certificate.

You’re transforming a community.

With your support, we’re partnering with the Lalogi-Lakwana community until 2029. Starting by building trust and establishing a clear understanding of the needs of the community. You’re helping the community build skills and confidence so they get to a point where they no longer need your support and can manage their own future, by themselves.


Started 2019


Completing 2029