Lipiri Community, Malawi

One of the root causes of poverty in Lipiri is illiteracy which has led to girls not being encouraged or supported to attend school. We have been partnering with them since 2009.

Lipiri Community, Malawi
  • Population22,121
  • Villages83
  • Temp17°C
We have partnered with the Lipiri community for 10 years; and are now seeing the long-term impact our work is having on the children of Lipiri. In 2018, we constructed 3 school classroom blocks, which will accommodate 360 students a year.

We are working to improve access to education for girls by ensuring that they have adequate toilet facilities, sanitary pads, uniforms, and textbooks available. We are also supporting parents to increase their income, so they can support their children going to school and provide an adequate nutritional diet for their children all year round. 

We’re working with the people of Lipiri to build a community where children thrive.

We’re working with the people of Lipiri to build a community where children thrive.

We have constructed a child development centre that will support 95 children from across four communities within Lipiri. This centre will support the children’s wellbeing and help to prepare them for school with reading and writing lessons.

We will continue our partnership with the Lipiri community until 2024, continuing to build their knowledge, skills and resilience through sustainable projects, ensuring they will be equipped to identify and respond to needs as they arise.
water committees are managing Lipiri's water sources.
teachers received training in literacy methodology in 2018.
volunteers have been trained in school management.