Luguru Community, Tanzania

Luguru Community is on the outskirts of an urban settlement and has limited healthcare and schools. We've been partnering with the people of Luguru since 2013.

Luguru Community, Tanzania
  • Population31,400
  • Villages43
  • Temp16°C
We have partnered with the Luguru community for 6 years; already we are seeing great progress and the life-changing impact our work is having on the children of Luguru.

Healthcare has been a core focus of our work with the Luguru community, as we worked together to reduce health issues for the community. In 2018, we were instrumental in increasing the number of immunised children and providing transport for nurses and community health workers with a mobile clinic to reach five villages in Luguru.

We’re working with the people of Luguru to build a community where children thrive.

We’re working with the people of Luguru to build a community where children thrive.

We have supported 2,300 children to obtain birth registration documents, to ensure children have access to basic services. In Tanzania, without a birth certificate a child could be denied basic rights and protection; not have access to education, healthcare or important legal rights.

We will continue our partnership with the Luguru community until 2027, continuing to build their knowledge, skills and resilience through sustainable projects, ensuring they will be equipped to identify and respond to needs as they arise.
people are now members of savings groups.
new toilets have been constructed in two primary schools, so girls can stay in school during menstruation.
farmers have been trained in improved and sustainable agricultural techniques.