Magugu Community, Tanzania

Families in Magugu are struggling with very low crop production due to unreliable rainfall and traditional farming. We’ve been partnering with the people of Magugu since 2004.

  • Population78,330
  • Villages19
Completing primary school is a milestone that only 60 per cent of boys and 57 per cent of girls’ get to enjoy. Schools in Magugu Community lack qualified teachers, resources and education materials vital for learning. Girls face additional challenges as they are responsible for collecting water and play a minor role in community decision making. We’re working to ensure every child has access to education by improving family’s income and training up teachers.

We have already achieved great things in the Magugu community by improving the available healthcare and ensuring water is available and well managed.  

We’re working with the people of Magugu to build a community where children thrive.

We’re working with the people of Magugu to build a community where children thrive. </br></br>
We’ve been partnering with Magugu for over 10 years and now we’re working on some final projects to ensure the hard work will last for generations to come. We are supporting Magugu to grow in leadership, knowledge and skills so they can take over all the projects we have worked on together and are equipped to develop new initiatives to sustain a community where children can thrive. 

We plan for our partnership to continue until 2021 when we will have delivered a multitude of skills and knowledge for the community to continue their own development.
of parents have their children sleeping under mosquito nets.
new water points have been built.
of children under two years old are now fully immunised.

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