Yehi Community, Mali

Conflict in Mali and low rainfall in recent years have contributed to food and nutrition insecurity in Yehi. We have been partnering with them since 2011.

Yehi Community, Mali
  • Population50,084
  • Villages22
  • Temp18°C
We have partnered with the Yehi community for 8 years; and are now seeing the long-term impact our work is having on the children of Yehi.

Improving food security has been a core focus of our work with the Yehi community, as we work together to equip families to provide nutritious food for their children. We are creating community gardens and teaching soil conservation techniques so the land can continue to produce crops. In 2018, we educated 13,990 mothers on appropriate feeding, health and hygiene practices.

We’re working with the people of Yehi to build a community where children thrive.

We’re working with the people of Yehi to build a community where children thrive.

We are working to keep children safe. Together we are monitoring children and providing life-saving support to children and their families affected by the ongoing conflict. We have trained 50 members of the Local Reconciliation Peacebuilding Committee on peace building practices.

We will continue our partnership with the Yehi community until 2025, continuing to build their knowledge, skills and resilience through sustainable projects, ensuring they will be equipped to identify and respond to needs as they arise. 
child protection committees have been trained in child protection.
teachers have received training on five core reading and classroom teaching and learning practices.
people have been educated on appropriate household water storage.