Dumka Community, India

Extreme heat, dry, infertile soil, and poor irrigation mean farmers in Dumka are not growing enough crops to earn a living. We've been partnering with the people of Dumka since 2010.

  • Population40,217
  • Villages47
  • Temp14°C
Due to the pressure of earning so little, children often stay home from school to help their parents, meaning just over a third of children in Dumka Community can read and write. World Vision is there working with farmers on irrigation systems to they can cultivate crops all year round, giving agricultural trainings, and starting reading clubs so children can experience the joy of education. 

We have already achieved great things in the Dumka community through building and supporting early childcare centres and improving the available healthcare for pregnant mums and newborn babies. 

We’re working with the people of Dumka to build a community where children thrive.

We’re working with the people of Dumka to build a community where children thrive. </br></br>

We’ve been partnering with Dumka for eight years now and are starting to tackle the harder problems such as changing mindsets about the right to education for girls or early marriage. We’re focusing on building skills, hope and opportunity for Dumka community. 

After these projects are complete we ensure all our work is sustainable, and that the community is set up to identify and respond to needs as they arise. We plan for our partnership to continue until 2023 when we will have delivered a multitude of skills and knowledge for the community to continue their own development.
Early Childhood Centres have been set up and are functioning well.
of babies are born in a healthcare facility.
water committees are teaching the community safe hygiene practices.