Dumka Community, India

Dumka Community, India
  • Population40,217
  • Villages47
  • Temp43°C
Dumka community is in Jharkhand state, north-eastern India. Most of the population here are farmers and earn their living from agriculture. The conditions in Dumka are hard, with extreme heat, dry and infertile soil. New irrigation techniques and agricultural training are needed so that crop productivity can increase.

Children in Dumka community often drop out of school to work or stay home to help their parents. The school facilities in Dumka community are not very good, and there is a shortage of trained teachers.

Partnering together for a sustainable future.

By sponsoring children in Dumka community, you are making an incredible difference in vulnerable children’s lives.

Your support is helping Dumka community by improving the physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being of the most vulnerable children.

Through decades of experience, we have proven that the most effective way to help a child is to strengthen their entire community, caring for every child along the way. In fact, because of these community-focused solutions, for every child you sponsor, 4 more benefit too!

Together, we are tackling the hard problems, such as changing mindsets and behaviours to address the root causes of poverty. We're focusing on building skills, hope and opportunity for the children of Dumka community.

Your support is making a life-changing impact for children in Dumka.


271 pregnant women joined prenatal classes, helping even more mums and their babies stay healthy.


1,028 teenagers took part in health programmes, helping more young people to grow up healthy and strong.


45 preschools are now meeting improved standards, helping give more young children a better start to their education.


127 families who had a malnourished child received assistance to help them provide nutritious food, and their child is now a healthy weight.


"In my community, there are many superstitions about girls' periods. But after a health volunteer taught us how to manage our personal hygiene, I now feel healthy and joyful.– Savita (15), pictured centre


"The life skills workshop changed me completely. Doing good things makes me feel good. I want to be a nurse in the future. When people look to me for help, I'm always ready."– Anisha (15), pictured left


"I had nothing to do in my village and felt irritated. Then I joined the talent training programme and learned how to draw wonderful pictures. Now I teach other children." – Ajith (16), pictured right

Transforming communities together.

We will continue our partnership with the Dumka community until 2025. Continuing to build knowledge, skills and resilience through sustainable projects; equipping the community to identify and effectively respond to needs as they arise.


Started 2010


Completing 2025

“We used to drink unsafe water from the village borehole and often got sick. Now that we have a water filter at home, we can drink safe water and avoid diseases.”

- Santmary (14), Dumka community, India

Did you know?

Did you know?

Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree is the national tree of India.

As the national tree, the Banyan or Indian Fig Tree is a symbol of pride that's integral to the nation's identity. For centuries the banyan tree has been a central point for the village communities of India. Even today, the banyan tree is the focal point of village life, and the village council meets under the shade of this tree. 

Its branches root themselves like new trees giving rise to more trunks and branches. Because of this characteristic, the tree is considered immortal and plays a significant role in myths and legends of India.

The tree is often a symbol of the fabled 'Kalpa Vriksha' or the 'Tree of Wish Fulfilment'. It is associated with longevity because it has important medicinal properties. 

Other ways you can help vulnerable children.

<h4>Sponsor a Child</h4>

Sponsor a Child

You can help another child break free from poverty, for good. Your sponsorship will help bring essentials like clean water, education and healthcare to a child and their community.

<h4>Childhood Rescue</h4>

Childhood Rescue

Children in the world’s most dangerous places need you now. Help them survive, recover and build a future. You can provide life-saving food, water and protection to kids whose lives are on the line.

<h4>Gift in your Will</h4>

Gift in your Will

Including a gift in your Will to World Vision is a wonderfully generous way to ensure the values that are important to you live on, as you continue impacting communities around the world.