Dumka Community, India

You've changed children's lives for good! Thanks to sponsors like you, the Dumka community can now thrive on their own.

Dumka Community, India
  • Population40,217
  • Villages47
  • Temp 31°C
The love and care you've shown to the people of Dumka means they can face the future with confidence. Thank you.

You’ve helped parents put food on the table and earn a stable income. You’ve helped girls and boys learn life skills and lead change in their community. You’ve helped Dumka become a safer place for children. Today, children and their families have the knowledge, skills and resources to continue building brighter futures for themselves.

Thank you for everything you've helped achieve in India.

You've made a life-changing difference for children in Dumka. Change that will last. Your love will continue to bear fruit for the rest of their lives. You’ve also been part of something bigger. A global community of kind sponsors showing love-in-action to children and families across India. In just the last five years, 3.5 million adults and 1.7 million children have been equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to break free from poverty, for good. 
That's worth celebrating!

Your support has made a life-changing impact for children in Dumka.


500,000 children

now have clean, safe drinking water.


200,000 children

have better water, sanitation and hygiene facilities like toilets and hand-washing taps in their schools.


85,000 children

are better equipped to learn for life thanks to education programmes you helped run.

"Girls didn’t play football until sponsors supported us with equipment and coaching. Now we all play and everyone appreciates our skills."

– 15-year-old Sweety (crouching left)

Last year in Dumka:


 3,014 girls and boys campaigned to help end violence against children.

Dumka is a safer place now that kids and adults know about child rights and how to defend them. You've empowered children to safely report child protection concerns, helping the community to better support and protect children who face abuse.

You've set up children’s clubs, giving thousands of kids opportunities to have fun and learn about child protection. Because of your love, kids are growing up in safer homes where parents practise positive discipline.


 96% of pregnant women took part in health and nutrition counselling.

Because of you, pregnant women and new mums in Dumka are now receiving prenatal and postnatal care, including home visits, to help them and their babies grow healthy and strong.

Local services like schools and health clinics have action plans with the government, and community members have been trained to lobby government leaders to keep improving health services.


 13 new taps were installed in Dumka from clean water systems.

Children and families in Dumka have more sources of clean water close to home, and more safe toilets and hand-washing facilities at home and school.

Thanks to your kindness, 24 neighbourhoods now have a safe waste disposal system, helping to keep their environment clean and limit the spread of disease.


 600 caregivers were trained in gardening and nutritious meals for kids.

Thanks to you, more caregivers from extremely poor households have the knowledge, skills and tools to secure their livelihoods and earn more income.

You also helped provide immediate assistance, such as cash and food, to make sure families could meet their children’s daily needs as they forge a pathway out of poverty, for good.

"Now we have many different vegetables to eat and to sell... My brothers and I are back at school. We even have some family savings."

– 14-year-old Kailash (second right)

Other ways you can help vulnerable children.

<h4>Sponsor a Child</h4>

Sponsor a Child

You can help another child break free from poverty, for good. Your sponsorship will help bring essentials like clean water, education and healthcare to a child and their community.

<h4>Childhood Rescue</h4>

Childhood Rescue

Children in the world’s most dangerous places need you now. Help them survive, recover and build a future. You can provide life-saving food, water and protection to kids whose lives are on the line.

<h4>Gift in your Will</h4>

Gift in your Will

Including a gift in your Will to World Vision is a wonderfully generous way to ensure the values that are important to you live on, as you continue impacting communities around the world.