Koh Andaet Community, Cambodia

Kids in Koh Andaet are thriving, thanks to you! The community is ready to manage their own future by themselves. What an achievement!

Koh Andaet Community, Cambodia
  • Population35,029
  • Villages26
  • Temp 26°C
You’ve made a life-changing difference for children in Koh Andaet!

Koh Andaet community in Cambodia is now flourishing and becoming self-sufficient - thanks to your kindness and support.

You didn't just target the symptoms of poverty. You worked hand-in-hand with the people of Koh Andaet to tackle its root causes – making the greatest impact on the biggest issues children faced. Today, children and their families are thriving and making progress on their own. Thank you for transforming lives!

You’ve changed children’s lives. Thank you!

The people of Koh Andaet created this special video to thank you for the amazing change you’ve made possible in their community.


 100% of kids in preschool progress to primary school.

Thank you for bringing quality education to children so that they can write their own futures.

Your support has helped Koh Andaet community improve their early childhood education, so young children get a better quality education by laying the foundation for them to succeed in school. You've helped train preschool teachers and build six new preschools, complete with playgrounds, toilets, hand-washing stations, books, games, and so much more. 

Thanks to you, now 100% of children are progressing from preschool to primary school. This is an incredible improvement from 2017 when just 54% of children were progressing to primary school.

Because of you, children are excited and dreaming about their future!

"I like reading storybooks and colouring. Before reading club, I didn’t like reading. Coming here to play makes me feel safe and brave."

- Sreypich (10), Koh Andaet community, Cambodia


 89% of children eat three balanced meals a day.

Nutrition in Koh Andaet

Thanks to you, children and families are eating well and staying healthy.

You've helped increase the number of children that eat three balanced meals a day from just 35% of children in 2010 to an incredible 89% at the time of most recent reporting. What an amazing change!

You've trained parents and caregivers to cook nutritious meals with local foods to improve nutrition and dietary diversity, ensuring children grow up healthy and nourished. Thanks to you, now fewer young children are underweight, and many malnourished children have recovered their health.

Because of you, new mums now know they must eat well to give their babies a good start in life, and most are breastfeeding.

"Now, I make nutritious food for my daughter every day. She is healthy, active, and growing fast."

- Sovansreynich with Omra (9 months), Koh Andaet community, Cambodia


 91% of babies from 6 to 23 months old take vitamin A supplements.

Thanks to you, children and families are receiving the healthcare they need.

You've helped increase the number of children aged 6 to 23 months taking Vitamin A supplements from just 60% in 2008 to a life-changing 91% at the time of most recent reporting. What an incredible achievement!

Thanks to you, parents now have the knowledge and practical skills to raise their children healthy. Access to local health services, nutrition training and protection against common diseases are making all the difference for children and their families.

Because of you, fewer kids are hungry or sick, with many more growing up strong and healthy. Thank you.


 75% of families now practise safe hand-washing.

Hand-washing in Koh Andaet

Thanks to your support, families in Koh Andaet now have more sources of clean water, and they're equipped with the skills to maintain them.

Now, more than ever, good hand-washing behaviours are vital for families to stay healthy and safe. Your support has helped increase the number of families with good hand-washing behaviours from just 28% in 2010 to 75% at the time of the most recent reporting.

Clean water means life. Thanks to you, it now also means freedom for the children of Koh Andaet – freedom from waterborne illnesses.

You've helped the children and families in Koh Andaet have more sources of clean water close to home, and they know how to treat water so it's safe to drink.

"We were always sick from dirty water. Now, I just turn on the tap and the clean water runs! My children are healthy and learning at school."

- Ney with daughter Chanvichheka (17), Koh Andaet community, Cambodia


 100% of mums give birth with a skilled birth attendant.

Thanks to your support, a skilled birth attendant at every birth in Koh Andaet community has significantly reduced the risk of death for babies and mothers.

For women and children in Asia, surviving childbirth and the first five years of life is challenging. The maternal death rate in Cambodia is significantly higher than other developing countries. Thanks to you, the Koh Andaet community is turning this reality around, by getting essential medicines, nutritional support and education to mums and their communities.

Because of you, now pregnant women and new mothers have better local health support and access to prenatal and postnatal healthcare. They receive vaccinations and supplements like iron and folic acid, helping them and their babies to grow healthy and strong. 

Other ways you can help vulnerable children.

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Sponsor a Child

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Childhood Rescue

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Gift in your Will

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