Myeik Community, Myanmar

Thanks to your generosity, and the determination of the people of Myeik; children in the Myanmar community now have a brighter future ahead of them. We completed our work here in September 2019.

Myeik Community, Myanmar
  • Population66,960
  • Villages30
  • Temp 28°C
With your support through Child Sponsorship, we have partnered with the Myeik community for 15 years, and have now come to the end of our journey with them. Today, families in Myeik celebrate the vital part you’ve played in their development journey. 

With a solid foundation now in place, the community is looking forward to shaping a brighter future for its children. They’re now empowered with the training, structures and confidence to continue developing their community on their own.

You've changed the lives of children in Myeik, and given them real hope for the future!

 97% of children are enrolled in primary school.

Myeik education

Together, with your support, we have constructed early childhood education centres and equipped them with learning materials including storybooks, visual charts and posters. 

Many parents didn’t know how vital it was for children aged three to five to attend early childhood education centres, so they could grow in confidence and ability, and have the best start to primary school education. We have trained teachers and raised awareness amongst parents on the importance of early childhood education.

Now, more young children are attending early childhood education centres and the flow-on benefit is already showing with a huge boost in primary school enrolments.

 Acute malnutrition has been dramatically reduced

Nutrition in Myeik
With your support, we have trained parents on how to prepare nutritious meals for their children using local ingredients. 

Many families couldn’t afford to buy fruit and vegetables and didn’t know how to prepare nutritious meals for their children. There was an alarming number of children suffering from acute malnutrition, which significantly increases their risk of disease and death.

Together, through our programming and community-wide change, acute malnutrition in children has been dramatically reduced in Myeik.

Families are now growing their own fruit and vegetables, and children are eating nutritious meals and growing up healthy and strong.

 98% of households do not worry about having enough food.

We are helping parents feed their children healthy food

Because of your help, families are now earning more stable incomes and can afford to feed their children and send them to school. 

Most families in Myeik rely on agriculture and livestock for their income. Basic farming methods and a lack of agricultural training made it tough for families to produce enough to feed their children.

Together, we have trained families on ways to increase production and income from their farming and livestock activities such as piglet raising.

We have also set up 64 savings and loans groups to help empower families to start their own small businesses, by enabling them to take out low-interest loans.

 99.93% of households use mosquito nets to protect children from malaria

Healthcare in Myeik

Because of your support, children are learning how to stay clean and healthy by learning how to wash their hands; and using safe toilets in schools and homes.  

Many families didn’t know how to protect themselves from disease, and children were suffering from illnesses like diarrhoea and acute respiratory infections. 

Children are protected from malaria when they sleep, thanks to insecticide-treated mosquito nets. The children of Myeik are now healthier and suffering far less from preventable illnesses.

 2,400 parents have learnt how to prevent child trafficking

Child protection in Myeik

Your kind-hearted support has raised awareness of child trafficking and trained community members on how to protect children from trafficking, and report it safely.

Children in Myeik were at risk of falling victim to human traffickers, especially because poorer families often need to migrate for work opportunities.

Very few people in the community were aware of the risk of child trafficking, and even those who were didn’t know how to report it or what power they had to stop it.

There is now widespread awareness of how to protect children from human trafficking and other dangers. This knowledge is continually being shared, so the community is now empowered to protect their children.

"Because of your donations, my family is working in peace and we have a daily income now. Thank you so much to World Vision sponsors. "

- Thin, 10