Nilphamari Sadar Community, Bangladesh

Nilphamari Sadar Community, Bangladesh
  • Population39,024
  • Villages12
  • Temp26°C
In Nilphamari Sadar, most families make their living from agriculture; however, low harvests mean there isn't enough food for families to eat and sell. Schools lack resources, and many children drop out of school to find work to support their families, or to be married.

Sponsorship is helping to tackle three challenges facing children:
  1. Students struggle to learn and many end up dropping out of school.
  2. Kids are malnourished as families struggle to feed them three meals a day.
  3. Child labour and early marriage still affect many kids.

Your support is making a life-changing impact for children in Nilphamari Sadar.


451 vulnerable community members learned more about good hygiene habits and nutrition to keep children healthy.


2,021 youth group members developed leadership skills and organised activities for children in their community.


12,352 girls and boys participated in child-led activities and learned about their rights and how to protect themselves.


2,850 students were supported with school supplies and umbrellas to encourage good attendance, even on rainy days.


Partnering together for a sustainable future.

By sponsoring children in Nilphamari Sadar community, you are making an incredible difference in vulnerable children’s lives.

Your support is helping Nilphamari Sadar community by improving the physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being of the most vulnerable children.

Through decades of experience, we have proven that the most effective way to help a child is to strengthen their entire community, caring for every child along the way. In fact, because of these community-focused solutions, for every child you sponsor, 4 more benefit too!

Together, we are tackling the hard problems, such as changing mindsets and behaviours to address the root causes of poverty. We're focusing on building skills, hope and opportunity for the children of Nilphamari Sadar community.

“Vulnerable families in my community have learned more about increasing their income. Parents are more aware of children’s needs, and people listen to our ideas and opinions.”

- Gini (14) Nilphamari Sadar community, Bangladesh

Transforming communities together.

We will continue our partnership with the Nilphamari Sadar community until 2025. Continuing to build knowledge, skills and resilience through sustainable projects; equipping the community to identify and effectively respond to needs as they arise.


Started 2011


Completing 2025

Other ways you can help vulnerable children.

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Sponsor a Child

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<h4>Gift in your Will</h4>

Gift in your Will

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