Palaw Community, Myanmar

High migration in this coastal community is responsible for a high prevalence of HIV and treatment is difficult due to a lack of healthcare services. We have been partnering with them since 2009.

Palaw Community, Myanmar
  • Population51,374
  • Villages36
  • Temp21°C
We have partnered with the Palaw community for 10 years; and are now seeing the long-term impact our work is having on the children of Palaw.

Improving livelihoods has been a core focus of our work with the Palaw community, as we worked together to improve parents ability to provide for their children’s basic needs such as good nutrition and education. We are also working with families in Palaw to improving the rights of children and their safety in their community and at home.

We’re working with the people of Palaw to build a community where children thrive.

We’re working with the people of Palaw to build a community where children thrive.

We are working to support parents to increase their family income through new farming techniques and small business so they can provide for their children. 

We are building a strong education base by constructing early childhood education centres, equipped with playground equipment which allows children safe access to quality early childhood education.

We will continue our partnership with the Palaw community until 2023, continuing to build their knowledge, skills and resilience through sustainable projects, ensuring they will be equipped to identify and respond to needs as they arise.
child protection committees are identifying the most vulnerable children and taking action to protect them.
children are attending early childhood education centres.
of women gave birth with a skilled birth attendant in 2018.