Paung Community, Myanmar

Paung Community, Myanmar
  • Population29,050
  • Villages25
  • Temp 25°C
Paung community is in south-east Myanmar. Parents struggle to provide for their families and life is difficult without health care, clean water or sanitation. Many kids here suffer from malnutrition, don’t have the chance to attend school and are at risk of trafficking and abuse.

Sponsorship is helping to tackle three challenges facing children in Paung:
1. Families can’t earn enough to provide for their children.
2. Without access to health services, kids can die from preventable diseases.
3. Children are vulnerable to violence and early marriage.

Partnering together for a sustainable future.

By sponsoring children in Paung community, you are making an incredible difference in vulnerable children’s lives.

Your support is helping Paung community by improving the physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being of the most vulnerable children.

Through decades of experience, we have proven that the most effective way to help a child is to strengthen their entire community, caring for every child along the way. In fact, because of these community-focused solutions, for every child you sponsor, 4 more benefit too!

Together, we are tackling the hard problems, changing mindsets and behaviours to address the root causes of poverty. We’re focusing on building trust and developing a long-term action plan for Paung community.

Your support will make a life-changing impact for children in Paung.


You’ll help set up savings groups, and train farmers on new ways to grow crops so they can earn more income.


You’ll train local health workers to provide pregnant women, newborns and kids with at-home health care.


You’ll teach kids and adults about child rights and child protection to help them defend children’s rights and keep them safe.

Transforming communities together.

We will partner with the Paung community until 2032. Starting by building trust and establishing a clear understanding of the needs of the community. We will work together to establish and deliver sustainable projects that strengthen the community, making it a place where children thrive.


Started 2023



Completing 2032

Stories from Paung Community

Stories from Paung Community

Pyae (14) pictured left

14-year-old Pyae and his two younger sisters live with their mother and grandmother. Pyae should be spending his days at school, but as the eldest son, he had to drop out to help his mother provide for the family.

Pyae works very hard to support his family by carrying and selling water in his village. However, he only earns approximately $32 a month.

Sadly, many children like Pyae in the Paung community spend their days working to support their struggling families. Missing out on their education, trapping them in a cycle of poverty.

When you sponsor a child in Paung, you're helping to break that cycle. Your support empowers children, their families and their whole community to overcome poverty and ensure all children grow up in a protected environment.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Myanmar hides an ancient beauty secret that has been passed down for more than 2,000 years - thanaka - which is used to protect and care for the skin.

Thanaka paste is an all-natural sunscreen made from ground tree bark, wood or roots of the thanaka tree with a small amount of water.

Women especially wear this yellowish, chalky paste on their face and body, but men and children also use it to help cool the skin, protect from sunburn and mosquitos and keep their skin smooth.

Generally applied like face paint in patches and circles across the face, mainly on the cheeks and foreheads. Some would even apply fun designs like stripes or swirly leaves.