Meet Peter, a healthy baby from South Sudan

Meet Peter, a healthy baby from South Sudan

Today is a day mothers take their babies to receive vaccines in various Health Centres across South Sudan.
In one Centre I met Jane, the mother of the baby bringing her child Peter for a vaccination. Peter is the healthiest child I have seen since I started working for World Vision. He is just one and a half months old.

Children under two months old are put on this weighing scale to determine their weight before they are given any vaccines. Peter weighs 7kg.

On seeing Peter, I took a moment to talk to his mother and I asked her what she is doing to keep her child so healthy. Jane explained to me that she has been following all the education and tips that were given to her at the Health Centre since the first day she became pregnant. She is practising exclusive breast-feeding with Peter. Jane added that she always visits Kator Health Centre for more advice in her own time.
My hope for the future is that all mothers follow medical advice, like Jane has, so that there are more healthy children in this community rather than those who are malnourished.