How to raise $150 in a week!

02/06/2016 by World Vision New Zealand


How to raise $150 in a week!

With just a week to go until the 40 Hour Famine, can you raise $150 in a week? If you haven't already, make sure you create your own fundraising profile!

Day one: 

Ask four friends at school, uni or work for $5 each. That’s an easy $20 for your first day and will provide a child caught up in the refugee crisis the essentials they need to get back to school!

Day two: 

Do something you’re good at! Sell your baking, busk on your favourite street, set up a lemonade stand, sell your artwork, offer to feed your neighbour’s cat, organise a coin trail at your local market – choose anything! Aim to raise at least $20!

Day three: 

Send an email or text to five family members, asking for $10 each. Let them know why you joined and that their support is just 25c for every hour of the One Weekend, One Backpack Challenge. Make it easy for them by including the link to your 40 Hour Famine online fundraising profile for easy online donations. 

Day four:

Go on, back yourself! Give yourself a $20 donation, or earn it by doing some extra jobs around the house.

Day five:

You can do this one by just pulling your phone out of your pocket! Update your Facebook profile and status, send a tweet, or share a photo of what you’re giving up on Instagram. Tell the world what the 40 Hour Famine means for you, and link to your 40 Hour Famine online fundraising profile for family and friends to each donate $5. You’ll get a few likes as well, which is always good!

Day six:

Ask a business in your neighbourhood, like a café or dairy, to donate $10. Give them a receipt from your participant Sponsorship book if they donate in cash.

Day seven:

Your boss should be proud to have such a socially conscious employee! Ask them to donate $15 to the cause. If you don’t have a boss, ask your sports coach, music teacher, youth pastor or another adult you look up to.

Boom! That's $150 in just a week! 

The money you raise will support World Vision's child-friendly spaces. These are safe places for children who have fled conflict, so they can start to heal from their trauma.

40 Hours for Refugee Children

Start fundraising for the 40 Hour Famine, 10-12 June 2016

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