40 Hour Famine making a lasting difference in Chigodi, Malawi

Malawi: 40 Hour Famine 2014

15/10/2016 by World Vision New Zealand


40 Hour Famine making a lasting difference in Chigodi, Malawi

In many parts of the world, hunger is a daily reality. World Food Day 2016 on October 16 highlights how our world has a changing climate that is impacting our food and agriculture. 

Smallholder farmers are major food producers but at the same time, they also make up almost 75 per cent of the world’s hungry. The impacts of climate change such as increasing frequency and intensity of climate-linked events like droughts and floods negatively impact agriculture production, which leads to increasing hunger for the world’s most vulnerable children, families and communities. Investments in building smallholder farmers’ resilience to climate change pays huge social, environmental and economic dividends – improving childhood nutrition, improving food security for the planet’s growing global population. 

In Chigodi community, Malawi we have seen just that.

While the effects of El Nino have ravaged many parts in Malawi, the Chigodi community is thriving thanks money raised by young Kiwis in the 2014 40 Hour Famine.

A recent update from Chigodi showed farmers earning, for the first time, much more food than ever, with so much surplus which earned them a lot of income for other basic needs. Through the 40 Hour Famine, World Vision have been focusing on irrigation farming, adoption of modern agricultural technologies and training Farmer Organisations such as the Chigodi Small holder Farmers Association in Chigodi community. In a season where most people do not have food, these farmers from Chigodi have enough food to eat and plenty of surplus crops to sell, thanks to thousands of New Zealanders. 

Chigodi Association members unloading a truck load of maize!

Chigodi Association members sewing bags of maize to sell.

Chigodi Small Holder Framers Association at a financial and producer training session.

A farmer and his wife harvest their mature tomato crop.

Now, this family pack the tomatoes ready for sale!

This family are able to sell their produce right from their home.

Celebrate with us and the Chigodi community because they now have enough food to ensure their children grow healthy and strong and also enough food to sell to increase their income! 

About World Vision

For over 60 years, World Vision has been working towards eliminating poverty and its causes. Five generations of Kiwis have stood with World Vision, working together to overcome poverty and build brighter futures. Over 1 million young people have engaged in the 40 Hour Famine, many have gone on to sponsor a child, and dug deep when an emergency strikes. This engagement is reciprocal. A little of the unique spirit of Aotearoa has blossomed in the hearts of countless children and their communities through the letters, messages and actions of our Kiwi staff and supporters. Join us on a mission to make a difference to the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children

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