​How an electric mixer changed a family forever

Gaza: Conflict Response

16/02/2017 by World Vision New Zealand


​How an electric mixer changed a family forever

Baisma’s life was like everyone else’s around her – a happy healthy family. 

That all changed when 52-year-old Baisma’s husband lost his job and her son was diagnosed with kidney failure. Quickly she realized she now needed to work to support the family. 

Baisma started her own business baking bread and pastries on in northern West Bank. Thankfully, it was enough for the family to live off but soon the 3:00 a.m. starts and hand-kneading bread was too hard, and she found she couldn’t keep up with demand.

Baisma making bread in her kitchen at home

She then heard about the World Vision West Bank entrepreneurship project, which offers skills training and support packages for small businesses. She applied and was accepted. With 21 other women she received 100 hours of coaching, a business plan, and much to her excitement and relief, she also received an electric mixer and pastry oven.

That electric mixer gave Basima such hope that her business would not fail. 

“I produce bread and pastry with better quality and more quantity now. I have a good income and can afford all my family’s needs, including my two daughters’ university fees and my son’s medications,” she says. “Without the support I received from World Vision, this would not have been possible.” 

About our work in Jerusalem West Bank Gaza

We have been working in Jerusalem West Bank Gaza since 1975. World Vision’s budget is primarily spent on education, health, economic development and child protection initiatives to improve child wellbeing and empower communities for change. 


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