Celebrating innovation in the Pacific

25/07/2017 by World Vision New Zealand


Celebrating innovation in the Pacific

In celebration of innovation in the communities we work with in the Pacific and Timor-Leste, we've been awarding creative community members for their innovative prowess. 

This year, 18 entries were submitted across three categories. Here are some of the brightest ideas:

An eco-friendly upgrade on the traditional Tippy Tap in Vanuatu

A hand-washing contraption made using 1.5L plastic bottles, Tippy Taps were created as a solution to clean water wastage in remote communities in Vanuatu. But recently, a shortage of plastic bottles sparked a brilliant idea of using natural, locally sourced materials as an alternative. With that, the Bamboo Tippy Tap was born.
It is created by a piece of bamboo being hollowed out to hold clean water. A lid stops is then used to stop debris from getting in and a stopper is placed at the bottom. When someone needs to use the water, the stopper is pulled out allowing a trickle of water to flow. Replacing the stopper stops the flow and saves the remaining water for the next user.
Not only is the Tippy Tap saving precious water, the bamboo adaption has made this ingenious invention an environmentally sustainable one.

Workshops for social change in the Solomon Islands

In April 2016, the Solomon Islands Family Protection Act was put into effect. Our Channels of Hope workshops help local courts understand the Act and provide education around issues of gender based violence.
After the first round of workshops in February, local court officials realised the importance of addressing gender equality at a community level.
One attendee said, “This workshop is very powerful and has greatly impacted my life. It helps me as a guide to make decisions in my workplace and prepares me to deliver justice fairly, especially when dealing with the Family Protection Act.”
Channels of Hope is bringing positive social change at all levels of community.

Rewarding those who serve the community in Timor-Leste

In Timor-Leste, community health volunteers work hard to improve health and nutrition in their villages. Unfortunately, these volunteers lacked recognition and support, causing many of them to resign and lose motivation.
To combat this, the community developed the ‘PSF of the Year’ award (PSF stands for Promoter Saude Familiar, meaning Family Health Volunteers). This award acknowledges and celebrates outstanding volunteers with a personal reward and a trophy for their village. Next year, the trophy will again be up for grabs creating an atmosphere of healthy competition.
Community health volunteers are receiving recognition and are motivated to keep improving their services while serving their communities. It’s a win-win for all!


From sustainable Bamboo Tippy Taps to new awards initiatives, innovation is helping communities in the Pacific and Timor-Leste build a better future for their children.


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A donation of $1 can grow to $5 thanks to our NZ Government partnership

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