Challenge yourself and your mates this June

01/06/2017 by World Vision New Zealand


Challenge yourself and your mates this June

So your own fundraising is under control – how about organising a group fundraiser? We've seen heaps of people do a bunch of crazy things over the years. Why don’t you get creative this June to smash your fundraising goals.

Don't know where to start? Check out our top group ideas for you and your mates. 


Share your love of food 

Bake sale – bring some sweetness to your campaign! Sugar brings everyone together.

Lemonade stand – set up on the sideline of a Saturday morning sports field for an energy boost and refreshing post-match drink. 

Guess the number of lollies in a jar – the fundraising staple that an entire school can have a go at. At $2 a guess, the money will be coming in thick and fast. See if you can get your local supermarket to donate the lollies. 

Who can go past a classic Kiwi fundraiser like a sausage sizzle? Visit your local hardware store and ask if they have any free spots on a Saturday morning. Check your local butcher to see if they are willing to donate the saussies, sauce and bread. 


Get your school involved

Theme day – mix up your mufti day with a fancy dress day – try celebrity dress up, pajama day or funny hat day. 

Class versus class challenges – or house vs house, if that’s the way your school rolls.

Movie night/lunch hour – use your school hall or classroom for a rainy day or a special Friday night. You can even run a poll amongst your school as to which movie will be screened.


Feeling fit? Do something sporty 

Fun run – mark out a course through your local area, get as many people together as possible, and go for it. Get participants to get sponsored for each lap or kilometre they run.

School sports tournament – get a team from each class and charge a gold coin entry fee. Why not try indoor soccer or a mixed netball game with players in costumes? Or get the teachers to make a team and spark up some teacher-student rivalry!


Make something crafty

Jewellery stand – get the creative ones amongst you to design some works of art, then sell them at school or online.

Art fair – Approach your art department and students and challenge them to make some pieces you can auction off.



Bring your musical talent 

Battle of the Bands – or a school concert. Go as big or small as you want, it could be an evening extravaganza or a lunchtime busking session.

Dance-off or karaoke – a great excuse to showcase some real talent at your school…or just have a good laugh!

What are you and your mates going to do? Share it with us on the 40 Hour Famine NZ Instagram using the hashtag #40HFNZ. Don't forget to sign up to stand side by side with our brothers and sisters in Syria.


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