Our favourite fundraising ideas

Our favourite fundraising ideas

You can go as far and wide or small and cosy as you want as a fundraiser. The key to success is to make a difference with what you have, from where you are. Here are some inspirational ideas from other successful fundraisers: 

Donate your birthday
One of the easiest ways to raise money is to sacrifice a gift for your birthday and instead ask others to give money to the cause you are passionate about it. 

Run a marathon
Create a challenge and get others to sponsor your efforts. If you are not a marathon runner, don’t sweat! Why not try something more achievable like a 5km run, walk or bike. Or if swimming or another sport is your thing, think about how you can turn that into a challenge people can support. 

Host a bake sale
Food is the way to people’s heart – and donations! Make whatever you are good at and people will flock to buy it. If you are not a baker then think about what else you can make to sell – jewellery, artwork, papier-mâché dinosaurs – whatever it is get stuck in!

Donate your time
Put your hands and feet to work and work for your donations. It could be gardening, cleaning, or babysitting for people who live close by, with every dollar raised going to the world’s most vulnerable children.   

Commit to not doing something 
Think of something you love to do and give it up! Make it something everyone knows you love and will get your friends talking about why you are giving it up. Ask them for their help to reach your goal.