Protecting children through the Amber Alert System

Protecting children through the Amber Alert System

Saved by the bell 

In Uganda's Ngogwe community, 4-year-old Sharon was saved from child abduction thanks to World Vision's Amber Alert System. 
Sharon and her older brother David were brushing their teeth when two men tried to abduct them. As Sharon was taken, David found an adult who called for help. Through the Amber Alert System, loud drumbeats and megaphones blared to alert the entire community, and motorcycles blocked off the exits to the village. Frightened by the alert, Sharon's abductors fled and left her in the community.  

Around the world, World Vision's Amber Alert system deters kidnappers from abducting and trafficking children. Last year, 8 children were saved in Ngogwe through the Amber Alert System, all because the community has systems in place to protect their children.