Rajabu's first tomato harvest

Rajabu's first tomato harvest

I caught up with my long-time friend, Rajabu today. He is a vegetable farmer and grows all kinds of vegetables like spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, and many more. He is harvesting tomatoes for the first time today! 
Rajabu attended agriculture training sessions and learned to diversify his agriculture products. It was Rajabu’s first time growing tomatoes, but he applied the knowledge he gained from training and now has lots of tomatoes to harvest. He tells me, “10 Litres of tomatoes can be sold for 15,000tsths in the market.” That’s enough to feed a family for two whole weeks.   
“The whole farm will give me ten crates of tomatoes after a full harvest; the market price for a crate is 30,000tshs.” He happily continues, “I will use the money to send my daughter to school and the rest of the money I will use for the family.” 
Since the training sessions, Rajabu has expanded his farm and grows many more vegetables. He also uses his plot to share what he learned with other farmers from the village. He tells me he is forever grateful to God for providing him and his family with everything they have today. “I am thankful to World Vision for their constant help from the beginning, until now.” 
He waves as I leave him to continue harvesting his newly cultivated tomato farm.