A little education goes a long way

A little education goes a long way


Gilit lives in Pirganj with his parents. His dad couldn’t work, so Gilit had to drop out of school to be the breadwinner for his family. 

Neither of Gilit’s parents could read or write, and didn’t see the value in education. The World Vision team started a programme which gave lessons on how important education truly is, and the positive impact it would have on kids in the community. Once Gilit’s parents started attending the programme, they came to realise how important school is, and agreed that he could start again. We helped Gilit by providing the things he needed for class, and sponsorship so he can also go to high school. 

Gilit now goes to school regularly, and him and his parents are so happy about it. He wants to be a teacher one day, so that he can help kids who are struggling and vulnerable. His return to school has inspired other kids in the community, and other parents have felt encouraged to send their kids to school too. 

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