Christian dreams of a life-changing harvest

Christian dreams of a life-changing harvest

Christian is determined to improve farming for families in Chigodi, Malawi.

With your help, farmers like Christian can stop hunger in its tracks.

Christian dreams of a future where he owns his own land, has built a house for his family, and earns a stable income from farming a variety of crops.

But the reality right now looks much different. Like many farming families in Chigodi community, he’s struggling to grow enough food to survive.

Christian grows potatoes on a leased section of land, but he can only water his crops by hand with a watering can. This seriously limits his production.

“Using watering cans is laborious,” says Christian. “It’s also limiting in terms of the size of land you can cultivate crops on – you can’t use a watering can on a large piece of land.”

It’s a frustrating limitation for many local farmers because Chigodi has a good supply of water. The problem is, people don’t have the resources to build irrigation systems, so they can’t grow more crops.

And when families can’t harvest enough food to get them through the year, kids go hungry.

“Only 45% of families manage to have enough food for the major part of the year. 55% struggle feeding themselves,” says Kachipande, chair of the Village Development Committee.

Many kids are malnourished. They can’t concentrate in school on an empty stomach or are too sick to go. Hunger makes many kids in Chigodi miss school or drop out.

But with your help, the community is working to change that.

"If we can build an irrigation scheme with a solar-powered pump, we could cultivate more than 25 hectares of land, produce more crops for food and income, and reduce poverty levels in this area", says Christian.

Your kindness will help families like Christian’s to grow more crops, earn more income, and provide for their families. Your love and care will help children in Chigodi to grow up safe and healthy, instead of hungry. Thank you for helping children to build brighter futures.