Be there for the Children of South Sudan

Be there for the Children of South Sudan
We've been working in South Sudan since it gained independence in 2011 to provide relief to those suffering the effects of conflict. With ongoing civil unrest, the environment remains dangerous and uncertain for people living in refugee camps.

We are supporting, children and families in these camps with life-saving essentials like clean water, food, healthcare, and nutrition guidance. We are empowering families with seeds and tools for farming, so they can feed their children, earn an income, and have hope for the future.

Empowering families to be self-sufficient.

Families like Kuei's are empowered to become self-sufficient. 

Kuei is a farmer who struggled to provide enough food to feed her family and some of her children suffered from malnutrition. We have been able to support her by providing seeds and tools to help improve her farming.  Kuei enjoys the work involved in preparing crops and seeds for selling in local markets. Now she can feed her family, earn an income, and pay for other necessities such as medicine and school fees.

Kuei can now provide for her family after receiving seeds and tools to grow her own crops.

Improve the health of thousands of people.

Open defecation and poor hygiene practices are a reality in many refugee camps in South Sudan and contribute to illnesses such as cholera and diarrhoea.

Sarah (pictured below) is a hygiene promoter teaching people in a refugee camp about the importance of hand-washing with soap, using toilets, and other hygiene practices. We have supported her work by helping build 110 toilets, so thousands of people now have access to safe, hygienic toilets. 

The number of cases of water and hygiene-related illnesses in the camp has decreased.

Sarah (wearing blue) is a hygiene promoter in a refugee camp in South Sudan.
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