Drought makes life even harder for Peruth

Drought makes life even harder for Peruth

Peruth (11) with her mother Monica, Luguru community, Tanzania

Peruth doesn't know when her next meal will be.

Eleven-year-old Peruth is one of four children. Her loving parents rely on farming for food and income, but they don’t own any land. They can only farm a small plot their neighbours and relatives let them use.

Peruth’s father has been sick for two years. He’s so sick now he can’t move. So, it’s up to her mother Monica and the children to do all the farming.

They grow sunflowers and sweet potatoes but never enough. In the best years, they can harvest up to one bag of sunflower, which they sell in the village market for US$10.

Like most families in Luguru community, they always struggled during the dry season. Now drought has made things worse. Their crops have dried up.

Peruth and her brothers survive on a single meal per day, usually boiled sweet potatoes or a cup of porridge. Some days, there’s nothing at all.

There’s no way Peruth’s family can afford medical care for her father. He’s never been to the hospital for help. When they tried treating him with local herbs it only made him worse.

Peruth sleeps on the muddy floor with her mother and brothers in a room so small they can’t stretch out their legs. There’s no toilet. Peruth and her family have to go outside in the bush. And there’s nowhere for her to wash her hands.

She walks to school every day on an empty stomach, stalked by hunger. But Peruth is determined to reach her dreams.

“I want to be a nurse when I grow up so I can help my father get better and other sick people,” she says.

Right now, your love is reaching brave children like Peruth. Your kindness will teach families in Luguru how to grow and cook nutritious food, so kids can grow healthy instead of hungry. Thank you for helping children to build a brighter future.