Herman's story of farming success

Herman's story of farming success

Today I met Herman, an amazing farmer who lives with his wife and four kids, three boys and a girl. Herman owns eight acres of land where he cultivates crops like tomatoes, maize and pepper. Herman's family also keeps cattle like goats and dairy cows. 

Before, Herman’s life used to be difficult. He and his wife were simple farmers and they struggled so hard to provide for their family and take care of the children. 

World Vision supported Herman with a couple of dairy cows and a biogas system (which is produces clean, usable gas from manure and human waste). It is so interesting how light and energy can be produced in just a few hours with zero costs.   

Herman says, ‘‘We used to do simple farming and earned only just enough to feed the family, but after World Vision provided some support, our lives changed.’’ 

Along with the dairy cows and biogas system, Herman was supported with trainings in entrepreneurship, biogas production, improved agriculture, and cattle keeping. 

Today, Herman surprises us as he has managed to produce eight cows from the two cows he was given. He also uses his biogas for cooking and keeping up the lights, and uses the waste product as manure for his crops. Herman then sells the extra crops at the local Magugu market. 

‘‘I have managed to employ people in my farms, I have taken my three children to private schools in the city, and we can afford to eat food now that we have enough milk and crops. We have money to buy things we need to stay healthy. Our lives have improved thanks to World Vision.’’ Herman continues. 

Herman is now teaching other people in his community how to achieve their goals through farming. His family has enough income now and the future is looking even brighter with his good market network.