Teddy's not giving up on her education

Teddy's not giving up on her education

Teddy (7), helping in the garden

Teddy lives with her grandma and two siblings. Her grandma, Dominica is a farmer and takes care of seven-year-old Teddy and her two younger siblings, Never and Jordan.

"When my parents left us, I dropped out of school because my grandma couldn't afford my school fees and all the materials that I needed. I later tried joining the government primary school which is free. But, I couldn't attend school regularly because I had to help my grandma take care of my little brother and sister while she went to dig in the gardens. So, I decided to give up on school and support my grandma with house chores and working in the gardens so that we could have food to eat", says Teddy.

The COVID-19 pandemic, conflict and poverty have pushed many families in the Odupi community to breaking point. Parents have had to leave their children searching for work, forcing many kids to stay home from school and work for survival.

"I wish I could go back to school next year with the rest of the children. I miss singing, dancing and playing games with my friends but I have to help my grandma cook food, fetch water, collect firewood and wash clothes at the stream. I love the small garden my grandma gave me to plant cassava and groundnuts which she'll sell and buy clothes for me and my siblings. I dream of one day going back to school, and becoming a nurse in future, so that I can treat the sick people in our community," says Teddy.

Thank you for supporting children and families in Odupi. Your support will give children, like Teddy, a chance to achieve their dreams.