Zura can't go to school or play with her friends

Zura can't go to school or play with her friends

Zura (6), with her mum Pauline

Six-year-old Zura lives with her mum, Pauline, and her dad Zuberi. She has two brothers and three sisters who are all healthy. But unfortunately, Zura has broken her limbs 18 times in just two years, leaving her body deformed.

"Zura was born healthy without any disability. However, one day when she was two, she fell and broke her two legs, arm and collarbone. I was devastated and took her to the hospital, where she was treated and recovered well. However, after just one month, she fell and again broke both of her legs. Since then, we're always in and out of the hospital, as Zura keeps breaking her legs. I decided to stop her from playing around with her friends, and she also stopped going to school as her classmates were afraid they'd hurt her", says Pauline, Zura's mother.

Zura was diagnosed with weak bones due to a calcium deficiency. Because of her condition, she's not able to attend school regularly and has been bullied by the other kids. The teachers suggested that she should stay at home because they don't have special care facilities for children like Zura.

"I love playing ball games with my sisters, brothers and my friends, but they don't want to play with me anymore, and my mum doesn't let me go and play with them. I don't know why I always break my bones. I hope I can still go back to school and become a nurse someday because nurses treat me every time I fall", says Zura.

"I know one day my child will be fine and be able to play with her friends and go back to school to study," says Zura's mother.

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