Be there for the Children of Afghanistan

Be there for the Children of Afghanistan
We are supporting children in the Herat and Badghis Provinces of Afghanistan to learn about the importance of handwashing, sanitation, and hygiene. Poor hygiene and sanitation conditions in these areas contribute to the spread of diarrhoeal diseases among children. 

We have helped educate 800 children about sanitation and hygiene, so they can keep themselves and their communities healthy. We have also provided 1,400 children with hand-washing kits containing items such as soap, towels, colouring sheets, and hygiene information.

These children are now empowered with the skills and knowledge to teach their friends and family about important hygiene habits such as hand-washing with soap and using safe toilets.

Children eagerly listen to a fun and interactive lesson about sanitation and hygiene.


Children no longer need to walk for hours to quench their thirst with unclean and unsafe water.

Twelve-year-old Maliha (pictured below) has calloused feet that are used to repeated treks in harsh winters and scorching summers to collect water for her family in Afghanistan’s Badghis Province. The nearest water source was six kilometres away and it was also where donkeys and dogs drank. People here had struggled with water scarcity for as long as they could remember. Winters bring harsh coldness, but no rain or snow, and summers are scorching. 

Children like Maliha are healthier now that they have safe, clean water close to their homes.

Maliha would make the one-hour journey two to four times a day, which meant she often missed school. The jerry cans she carried were about five kilograms each when filled with water. “I felt heaviness in my shoulders. My hands ached,” she shares.

Funds from Children in Crisis has helped to provide 19 new tap stands in Maliha’s village, ensuring a free flow of fresh, clean water to 1,020 people, including 660 children. School attendance has increased throughout the community and Maliha is happy she doesn’t have to miss school to collect water anymore. “Whenever my mother needs water I just take the jerry can and I fill it up at the tap stand near our home,” says Maliha.

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